Art Brussels – 2015

This year we are given the opportunity to take part with a solo project of Sadaharu Horio, next to our stand. Horio will do a 4-day long performance in two parts. From inside a self-made “art vending machine”, composed out of discarded material, he will make One Minute Drawings for the visitors after they have inserted a one euro coin into the “machine”. Secondly Horio will create “ironuri” or “paint placements”. This performance is a continuation of the 100 Yen Paintings series he started making in 2002 and is based on the Gutai Card Box, which appeared for the first time in the 11th Gutai Art Exhibition in 1962.
From the start of the set-up ‘till the end of the fair he will keep on painting 200 found objects, each day in a different colour as to capture the duration of the fair in layers of colour.

viaArt Brussels – 2015.

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